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A Reputable Company
       with 30 Years of HistoryAHC

The history of Active Hydro Control (AHC) began in 1984, when we started providing quality solutions for sports flooring and equipment. Today, AHC is the market leader in the nation for both indoor and outdoor flooring systems and equipment. Our products are used by schools, community and recreational clubs, commercial developers, and sports association at state and national levels.

AHCInnovation and Technology

To meet the challenges that our clients face in equipping their sporting arena, AHC is focused on research and development as well as keeping ourselves updated with the latest technology used by our internationally renowned suppliers. Not only do we believe in providing top quality systems, we also believe in cost optimisation to give our clients the best in all aspects. We are known for our high-quality construction solutions which meet high standards and comply with building regulations to provide our clients with unlimited possibilities for their designs.

Leader In The NationAHC

Backed by our years of experience and commitment in providing only the best in terms of quality and service, AHC is the leader in the nation and often the chosen partner. We aim to create mutual benefits for our clients and their patrons. To do so, we believe in being involved from start to end of the project, from the conceptual design possibilities and eventual maintenance of the systems. Our clients can count on our experienced team to provide support throughout the whole process, from design guarantees to maintenance plans , backed by the necessary capabilities and resources.

AHCProven Track Record

Over the years, AHC has been the chosen specialist for a variety of sporting arena including the SEA GAME 1989, SUKMA, SAGA GAMES, Commonwealth Games 1998.


Key Product Range and Services

1 Consultation For Indoor And Outdoor Sports Flooring
Requirements For Various Sporting Activities

• Synthetic running tracks
• Artificial turf
• Rubberised sports court surfacing system
• Polyurethane flooring system

2 Reliable Installation Services

3 Committed Post-installation Maintenance


Sole Agent For Internationally Renowned Brands

To provide our clients with flooring systems and equipment that will serve their every need, AHC is aligned with internationally renowned manufacturers and organisations. Through AHC clients will be able to equip their facilities in compliance with international standards required for top sporting performance.

AHC is the proud sole agent for the following manufacturers and organisations :

member of the Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) Group, Sports Technology International (STI) is a global leader in developing innovative, high-performance materials and coatings. It is also one of the largest and most technologically advanced global synthetic sports surface companies with IAAF approved systems. STI’s systems are suitable for various sporting activities, including athletics, hockey, netball, indoor sports such as courts, football and tennis.

Brands under STI used by AHC

Athletic Track Installations


STI’s Rekortan® surfacing system is a multi-layer in-situ full pour polyurethane track surfacing system featuring an impermeable self-leveling base coat, unique polyurathane microfoam force-reduction central layer, and a top flood coat of polyurethane embedded with UV-resistant EPDM rubber granule to resist demanding climates.


Spurtan® BV’s polyurethane/rubber track systems offer versatile solutions for athletic track installations and other sport and leisure applications. This two-layer system features a base layer consisting of black mat in SBR rubber granules bound on polyurethane and a surface layer of coloured EPDM granules cast into a polyurethane flood coat. It is an IAAF approved and certified sandwich system.


Also an IAAF approved and certified sandwich system, Spurtan® BS is a highly water permeable system. It features two layers of spray coat polyurethan track surface. The base layer is a black mat of SBR rubber granules bound on polyurethan while the surface layer is polyurethane and coloured EPDM granules applied by spray to provide a structural top coat.




Turf Installations AHCAHC


AHC uses the following STI’s Poligras turf systems:

For Synthetic Football Field :
Poligras MF 40 RS+ COOLplus, Poligras MF 60 RS+ COOLplus,
Poligras MF Ultimate 60 COOLplus
For Synthetic Hockey Field :
Poligras Olympia COOLplus, Poligras Olympia, Poligras H20Z
For Synthetic Lawnbowl Field :
Poligras Supergrasse Promaster
For Synthetic Rugby Field :
Poligras MF 60 RS+ COOLplus
For Synthetic Tennis :
Omnicourt Pro Court for Tennis.

Each system is designed to meet differing applications and requirements.


Desso has more than 30 years of experience, making it the expert in artificial grass and hybrid grass for sporting activities.

Brands Under Desso Sports Used By AHC


Indoor PU Installations


Since 1965, Descol has been developing, producing, and installing sports floors that outperform all other floors. Pulastic floors are produced according to stringent guidelines and installed to guarantee durability, safety, and sporting performance. Pulastic floors are resilient, seamless, durable, and sustainable.



Outdoor Rubberised Sport Court
System Installation


AHC’s very own sports court surfacing system is manufactured by our parent company, Atlas Industries Sdn Bhd. Developed based on our years of experience in sports flooring usage and installation, ATLASKOTE® features a wide range of bituminous products and synthetic resin compounds used for both industrial and recreational purposes. To fully support our clients’ needs, we constantly conduct research and development to upgrade our range of products with the latest technology and manufacturing processes.

Maintenance Services

AHC’s team of technical personnel and equipment are fully qualified to perform complete maintenance services. This includes troubleshooting issues to regular general maintenance for the upkeep of your system to prolong life span and quality performance of the surface.

Unique Support And Services

To ensure our clients get the best for their requirements, AHC is involved in every aspect of the installation project, from conceptual design possibilities to the eventual maintenance of our recommended systems. We understand that not every project is the same, which is why AHC provides tailor-made plans that would best suit the project.

Here’s how our sales and technical service team can help you achieve your project goals.

• Consultation in the initial outline design phase to recommend the best suited system
• Support throughout the detailed design phase and project planning phase
• On-site execution for quality control
• Finishing and handover
• Tailor-made plans for upkeep and maintenance
• Additional services that may be required for future expansion or phases



Spearheaded By A Highly Experienced & Qualified Team

Our team of engineers, managers and technical personnel are highly qualified to ensure that our proposed systems are put in place accordingly. The AHC team is equipped with efficient service and expertise to assist clients throughout every phase of the construction process right down to future maintenance. The team works with a sole purpose in mind : to provide clients with solutions that meet their requirements at all levels.


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